Haremi joins BESA

  • James Voûte

We’re delighted to announce Haremi has become a member of BESA, the British Educational Suppliers Association. Haremi is a global learning company that delivers hundreds of learning projects each year for customers including educational publishers, awarding bodies and academic institutions.

BESA is the trade association for the UK education suppliers sector and represents over 400 educational suppliers in the UK, including providers of equipment, materials, books and technology.

Why has Haremi decided to join BESA? First and foremost, it’s because we think it’ll benefit our customers. It means we’ll be able to meet our customers more regularly, through BESA’s regular attendance at conferences, events and forums, both in the UK and abroad. We’re also looking forward to leveraging BESA’s authoritative, trusted research. This will help us to understand at an even more granular level the issues, trends and challenges that organisations in education are facing and meet the needs of our customers more effectively.

BESA members are able to gain a discount on our services, meaning we’re able to help them design, author, edit and deliver all types of educational content really cost-effectively.

We’re also looking forward to working with BESA to develop stronger relationships with the UK EdTech sector. We’re always on hand to help start-up, scale-up or established EdTech companies meet the needs of today’s (and tomorrow’s) learners with technical services, content creation, assessment delivery and curriculum alignment solutions. Our team at Haremi has a strong track record of helping learning companies to create or refine new digital concepts and produce engaging experiences to achieve specific learning outcomes, using our educational expertise to guide and inform our advice.

For more information about how Haremi can help you, please feel welcome to contact us for a chat.