Volume isn’t a problem for us here at Haremi as we’re well used to upscaling quickly and deploying at speed to meet a customer’s requirements. That’s exactly what we did when we were commissioned to create thousands of content objects for a market-leading exam preparation tool that’s used for a wide range of qualifications including GCSE, GCE, Functional Skills subjects and the BTEC sectors.

Working across a series of different subjects such as Biology, Business, Chemistry, English, Geography, History, ICT, Maths, MFL, Science and Physics, we performed the following tasks to meet our customer’s specification:

  • Created HTML versions of the previous exam papers from PDFs;
  • Tagged papers to an agreed metadata set (e.g. subject, qualification level, spec, year, series, unit, tier, paper code, paper title, etc.)
  • Quality checked all HTML files against the original documents (this was critical for consistency and accuracy purposes and the client relied on us to ensure everything was completely accurate);
  • Published and uploaded the tagged spreadsheets, together with the content to the online platform.

All this was completely on time and to budget with minimal input from the customer, other than to sign off at the end of the project after a thorough quality check (we’d already provided full QA as part of the process so we were confident in the end result). When working with exam and assessment content, there’s absolutely no margin for error, so we were thrilled with the customer’s positive feedback, and have worked with them closely on numerous other projects since.

Project information

  • Sector: Qualifications
  • Subject: 20+ Curriculum subjects
  • Format: Digital Product
  • Haremi's services: Editorial Services; Interactive Content Build; Metadata & XML; Testing