Putting all your eggs in one basket isn’t generally considered a wise business decision but, sometimes, we think it really is. We’re delighted to take on projects of any size and scale: be it a case of needing an urgent answer key check for an isolated component or a full end-to-end service experience.

Haremi has been trusted to work on over 40 courses (and counting!) for an online education provider spanning a variety of subjects, including:

  • iGCSE Maths/Additional Maths,
  • iGCSE IT,
  • iGCSE Computer Science,
  • International A-Level Physics/Chemistry/Biology,
  • International A-Level Maths/Further Maths, and
  • IB Maths.

Each course contains up to 240 lessons, and up to 240 hours of learning, which is nearly 10,0000 hours of content in total!

We were selected as the customer’s sole supplier to produce and maintain their entire suite of online lessons incorporating text, interactive questions, videos, audio and images.

Our full-service role included the following services:

  • authoring content and author management,
  • development editing,
  • copy-editing,
  • course production and build,
  • media production,
  • proofreading,
  • project and editorial management,
  • rights and permissions management,
  • instructional design and QA checks,
  • platform migration, and
  • customer support.

(P.S. Our basket is very large so do feel free to put however many eggs you need to in it!)

Project information

  • Sector: Schools, Colleges & Universities
  • Subject: 40+ curriculum subjects!
  • Format: Digital Courses
  • Haremi's services: Project Management, Instructional Design, Author Commissioning, Editorial Services, Platform Management, Interactive Content Build, Commissioning Media, Rights & Permissions Clearance, Customer Support, Content Maintenance