Our customers want to create e-learning experiences that delight users and Haremi has built up extensive experience and expertise in e-learning design over the years = a match made in heaven? We think so!

Haremi has been commissioned by a global leader in financial information services to produce a series of e-learning courses to support CPD in the financial services sector. We were chosen by the customer based on an excellent reputation for delivering high quality content and expertise in e-learning design. We have in-house specialists who play an integral role in shaping e-learning content for our customers in a way that supports and achieves key course learning outcomes.

For this particular project, Haremi is providing:

  • project management support;
  • instructional design expertise; and
  • video production to support course creation.

Delivery of all key e-learning elements through a single content services provider is ensuring consistency, quality products and high levels of customer satisfaction.

So far, 12 e-learning modules have been delivered by Haremi in the past 12 months and a further 18 modules are currently in production.

To give you a snapshot of our ID work, Haremi works with the customer’s SMEs and authors to deliver a number of high quality and engaging e-learning modules to very tight schedules. The following pedagogical elements are incorporated:

  • A combination of interactives and text to deliver clear, concise and easy digestible content;
  • Videos to provide context and promote retention;
  • Images to create visual interest;
  • Scenario challenges for real world practice;
  • Recall knowledge checks.

Project information

  • Sector: Workplace Learning
  • Subject: Finance
  • Format: Digital Courses
  • Haremi's services: Project Management; Instructional Design; Editorial Services; Commissioning Media