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Haremi has been creating English Language Teaching (ELT) and English as a Foreign Language (EFL) products for publishers and schools since 2011. Our ELT experts have extensive experience of authoring and editing primary and secondary (K–12) and adult ELT content, as well as content for English exams and English language tests. A bespoke ELT course created by Haremi may consist of ELT student books, ELT activity books, ELT teacher guides, worksheets, ELT questions and ELT assessments, alongside multimedia and interactive digital activities. We produce digital content cost-effectively using ELT authoring tools and ELT platforms, such as Avallain Author and BlinkLearning.

The services we offer to ELT publishers include:

  • End-to-end development of print and digital ELT products.
  • ELT project management and editorial management for individual titles or large, multi-component series.
  • Authoring ELT learning resources to meet the needs of learners in different international regions, including ELT content adaptation to suit specific market requirements and regional cultural guidelines.
  • ELT curriculum mapping and developing detailed ELT scope and sequences.
  • Aligning resources to specific ELT curricula, syllabuses, exam boards and standards, including Cambridge English.
  • Developing activities that are scaffolded according to their language level by using text on the page, artwork, audio and digital content.
  • Digitising existing ELT content, by turning traditional textbooks into responsive ePubs, and questions into engaging interactive activities.
  • Conducting ELT market research and focus groups to ensure learning materials fulfil market needs.
  • ELT copyediting and proofreading.
  • Americanisation to American English and anglicisation to British English spelling and usage.
  • Authentic ELT video production and ELT audio production, including ELT songs.

ELT consultancy

Haremi’s in-house CELTA-qualified product managers provide a wide range of ELT consultancy services. Perhaps you’d like them to design support materials that can be used by teachers regardless of their level of English, plan cross-curricular connections, or advise on opportunities for parents to support their children with home learning activities. They can help with all these things and more!

If you are an ELT publisher or ELT teacher you might be interested in our articles on inclusivity in ELT classrooms and inquiry-based learning in ELT.

ELT authoring and editorial

Our ELT authors know how to support functional skills such as reading, writing, speaking and listening, and effectively develop phonics skills and pronunciation. They can create real-world activities and texts that will remain useful to students in the long term. Successful ELT learning is driven by metacognition and life skills where students not only learn the language, but are also conscious of how they learn, which in turn boosts motivation and engagement.

Our experienced ELT writing team and ELT editors always consider the precise needs of teachers and learners, ensuring content is:

  • age appropriate
  • language level appropriate
  • differentiated
  • relevant and relatable
  • engaging and sparks curiosity.

We are proud to be a Publisher member of ELT Publishing Professionals, giving us access to a dynamic, regularly updated online directory of professional ELT freelancers, as well as training on the key issues of the day affecting ELT publishing.

Some of the ELT publishers we already work with...
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English test preparation materials

Haremi was commissioned to support the development of a publisher’s series of preparation materials for the Invalsi English test in Italy. We managed the editorial phase for all student books and teacher resources across lower secondary and upper secondary, rapidly onboarding a team of Italian-speaking ELT editors.

Customising a global edition for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Haremi worked on a Saudi Arabian customisation of a seven-level series for young learners of English. Each level included a Student Book, Workbook and Anthology, as well as a Teacher’s Guide and online flashcards, audio and video. Haremi managed the typesetting and artwork production phases of the project, ensuring new content incorporating Saudi life and culture was correctly included.

Andalusian versions of 18 books

Haremi managed the editorial production of Andalusian versions of three series of ELT books, incorporating over 100 new pages of Andalusian content to ensure the books were compliant with the regional syllabus. We typeset the new editions, resolved permissions issues in relation to existing images and fonts, and proofread all titles.

I want to thank you and your team for your amazing support – it really has been a dream partnership!

Management of a custom publishing project for Saudi Arabia

You are able to take control of all aspects of a project (creating assets, project management, liaising with other departments) which meant this was completely off the plates of in-house staff.

Digital components for a secondary English Language course for the Swiss curriculum

We love your responsiveness and flexibility – Haremi has been able to successfully manage a frequently changing workload and set of priorities from us. We also appreciate your focus on quality despite often diminishing budgets!

Distance learning courses for Cambridge Assessment International Education

Haremi’s editors were reliable, had the necessary skills and experience, and their communication was very good.

Production of a new edition of 18 ELT books

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