Digital Textbooks for International Qualifications

Screenshot of an online student dashboard showing various icourses, including Cambridge IGCSE Biology, Chemistry, English, Physics, and IBDP Business Management
Screenshot of a science course webpage showing a YouTube video of a jellyfish and information on respiration, with an open glossary pop-up box defining 'aerobic respiration'
Page from a digital textbook showing the medical names for limb bones and diagrams of limb structure in a bat, dolphin and monkey
Screenshot of an icourse mulitple choice question on the binomial name for an African lion, with incorrect answer selected, correct answer and explanation
A detailed scientific diagram

What matters to our customers, matters to us. Their objectives become our objectives and we have mastered the art of adapting ourselves to complement any team in a way that just clicks. We place high value on time: our customer’s and our own, so we’re only interested in offering a service that’s been carefully planned and thought out to make sure we’re not wasting any precious seconds, putting in place the most efficient workflows and frameworks that are best suited to each individual project.

Haremi has worked with an award-winning digital publisher on a number of exciting projects over the years, including a flagship project that broke new ground. The digital textbooks for iGCSE and IBDP offer interactive, syllabus-aligned and endorsed content for international qualifications. They also feature developed formative assessments, dynamic videos, animations and simulations, interactive glossaries, extensive exam-style questions and study skills advice.

Over the course of the different projects, Haremi performed a full-service role to develop and produce fully-digital textbooks including taking responsibility for the following areas:

  • author, reviewer and project management
  • development editing
  • copy-editing
  • audio production
  • QA checking
  • foreign language rights and permissions clearance
  • content build in platform, and
  • online proofreading.

Project information

  • Sector: EdTech
  • Subject: Biology, Chemistry, English, Geography, Physics, Spanish
  • Format: Digital Textbooks
  • Haremi's services: Project Management, Author Commissioning, Editorial Services, Interactive Content Build, Commissioning Media, Rights & Permissions Clearance