Computer Engineering Course Material

Computer components on a desk
Icourse webpage with the title 'How do learners learn?' and topics to select: 'cognitivism', 'constructivism' and 'behaviourism'
An electronic circuit board
Four photos - top left: a teacher and teenage students standing at a white board; top right: a teacher at a table with primary-age pupils; bottom left: a young boy working on a robotic hand; bottom right: a teenage girl working on a toy electric car

We’re curious and we ask lots of questions. It’s not because we’re nosy – we love getting to know our customers and the success they’re aiming for. We often get asked to help our customers to connect the dots where they need to solve a problem for their teachers or learners, or to create a great new product. Once we’re confident we have established a solid base of understanding, we dive in and get to work.

Haremi has worked on several educational content solutions for the world’s leading provider of computer processor IP, whose technology powers devices as diverse as supercomputers, smartphones and autonomous vehicles.

We were (and still are!) really excited by this collaboration as the organisation works with academic and industry partners to support technology innovation and talent development through computing, and also offers free online courses in STEM disciplines as part of its global educational programme. Haremi has helped deliver four of these e-learning courses by providing:

  • author and SME reviewer management
  • project and editorial management
  • editorial preparation (copy-editing, proofreading)
  • animation production
  • content build and uploading
  • content storing and sharing, and
  • QA checking.

In addition, Haremi has supported the customer's schools division in the production of lesson plans, cheat sheets, lesson slide decks, classroom worksheets and print textbooks.

Project information

  • Sector: EdTech
  • Subject: Computer Engineering
  • Format: Digital Courses & Print Textbooks
  • Haremi's services: Project Management, Author Commissioning, Editorial Services, Commissioning Media, Typesetting & Design, Metadata & XML, E-Book Build