ELT Expertise for a University Press

The covers of six ELT course books: Open Up Class Book Pack 5; On Track Student's Book Pack 3; All About Us Now Activity Book Pack 5; World Class Activity Book Pack 4; Energize Student's Book 4; and Reach Up Student's Book 1
Page from a student's book for children with the heading 'Unit 2: At the safari park' above a picture of wild animals with numbers and a vocab box containing the names of the animals
An online course exercise showing photos of various sporting activities, alongside multiple-choice answers, under the question 'Look at the pictures. Choose the correct sport'
A still from a video showing a glass of juice and two mugs of coffee with cartoon eyes placed on a desk above the subtitles 'I have a break at half past ten'
An online course exercise with photos of a man yawning and a woman stretching and eight questions relating to sleep, which can also be listened to as an audio

One of our many long-lasting collaborations is with the world's largest university press. For over 5 years, they've been outsourcing the production of digital books for the Spanish market to Haremi. Our ELT expertise and scale has allowed our in-house team to:

  • Create tens of thousands of interactive activities across many different series.
  • Test online and USB versions of content across a range of devices and operating systems to reflect usage patterns in the Spanish market.
  • Work with developers to develop a stable platform and a set of content templates.
  • Rebuild nearly 200 titles to eliminate any obsolete Flash content from older versions.

All of these services are provided by our UK-based editorial and content team, who really understand the needs of students using the content.

Project information

  • Sector: Educational Publishing
  • Subject: English Language Teaching
  • Format: Digital Resources
  • Haremi's services: Project Management, Editorial Services, Interactive Content Build, Testing