Psychology Course Creation

A person with their head tilted backwards and eyes closed
A page from the British Psychological Society's e-learning course 'Ethics in psychological practice', showing a content menu on the left and part of Module 4 on the right, entitled BPS 'Code of Ethics and Conduct'
An e-learning course page with the heading 'Reflection' followed by three questions, and an image of a person standing alone on a beach with arms outstretched under a colourful background sky
A page from an e-learning course in psychology with case study text and a photo of a glass bottle and orange flower petals

There’s nothing we enjoy more than helping our clients in the professional membership sector to create products that make a real and positive difference to their members’ lives. One of our core company values is ‘Loving the journey’ and we usually (happily!) discover that ‘the journey’ is not only loved by us but by our clients too. After all, we’re in it together!

Haremi helped a highly-respected professional membership body develop and publish two new e-learning courses, comprising 11 modules and 13 case studies, for their membership base. The course development was split into three distinct project phases:

  • product and instructional design advice
  • content production, and
  • quality assurance.

Based on our client’s needs and objectives, our in-house team of Product Managers recommended an appropriate course infrastructure that could be adapted easily for multiple courses. In collaboration with the client, and with careful consideration of the target learner’s needs, Haremi analysed and carried out research on which authoring tool would best fit the course aims and learner profile.

To guarantee our client future success in creating e-learning courses, Haremi spent time with the client’s team to define clear workflows and offered guidance on rights and permissions clearance. A style guide was defined to ensure all courses aligned to the same high editorial standard, and to be a crucial time and resource-saver for future e-learning course development.

Our in-house content production team created the fully responsive courses in Articulate Rise.

Project information

  • Sector: Professional Membership
  • Subject: Psychology
  • Format: Digital Course
  • Haremi's services: Instructional Design, Editorial Services, Commissioning Media, Interactive Content Build