T-Level Childcare Skills and Ancillary Resources

A screenshot showing the words 'T-Levels: Level 3 course equivalent to 3 A Levels'
An education worker holding a piece of plasticine and talking to a child
A screenshot from a T-Levels e-learning course on Early Years Education and Childcare, with a photo of an education worker talking to a child

Haremi was proud to support a major UK qualifications provider’s delivery of the T-Level in Education & Childcare.

Haremi produced 173 session packs, with each session pack comprising:

  • A robust session plan for tutors to deliver 2 hours of learning.
  • A clear storyboard outlining lesson content and digital, discussion-based and paper-based activities.
  • Paper-based homework and extension tasks.
  • A tutor delivery guide.

We designed the session packs so that tutors could deliver content either digitally or via paper-based methods, or a blend of both to offer study centres maximum flexibility.

Throughout the project, Haremi took care of the following:

  • author recruitment and management
  • development editing
  • copy-editing, and
  • project and editorial management.

We recruited and guided a large author team of subject specialists with industry experience to write the content for this substantial project. The core skills content was delivered on time in 8 months.

Project information

  • Sector: Qualifications
  • Subject: Education & Childcare
  • Format: Digital Resources
  • Haremi's services: Project Management, Instructional Design, Author Commissioning, Subject Matter Expertise, Editorial Services