Tackling Harassment and Bullying Module Production

Screenshot of Tackling harrassment and bullying at work e-learning module overview
Page from an e-learning module entitled 'What counts as harrassment?' with text and an illustration on dress code and bullying
Page from an e-learning module showing the left-hand contents menu and right-hand content pane on the subject of spotting harrassment
A still from an animation featuring three diverse members of a film production crew

Workplace training is increasingly moving online and here at Haremi we’re always happy to apply our skills and expertise to meet the needs of today’s vocational learners.

Recently we were commissioned by the UK’s largest skills body for the screen industries to create a series of 30 minute online training modules, to be delivered as three complete courses.

As part of the project we provided project management, asset creation and editorial production services. We identified expert authors to write content to fit agreed templates, including interactive content and animations, and developed screen designs and features in line with the customer’s brand guidelines.

The result was an impactful, pedagogically sound, engaging set of learning modules, which received a 97% satisfaction score, and an 85% recommendation rating from learners.

Feedback from our customer was really positive too. They felt Haremi had helped them understand e-learning better as an organisation by providing great advice, and that we applied a flexible, friendly and collaborative approach to working together. They're now a repeat customer and we’re delighted to continue supporting them on their learning journey.

Project information

  • Sector: Workplace Learning
  • Subject: Harassment and Bullying at Work
  • Format: Digital Course
  • Haremi's services: Project Management, Instructional Design, Editorial Services, Commissioning Media