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The best educational content creation service in the universe

Helping to publish quality resources for teachers and learners




learners have used the products we’ve helped to create.

oh my goodness



of UK school publishers are regular customers.

and over



projects completed. Now that’s a lot of learning objects and pages!

we are so proud of this



customer retention rate.

How we can help

If you need help creating educational content, then you’re probably looking for one of three things:

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... Knowledge

You aren’t sure what you want to do, but know that you need to do something...

... Skills

You know what you want, but you don’t know how to do it...

... Time

You know how to do it, but need to meet a tight deadline... HELP!

Fear not – we can help with all of these scenarios and together we can change the world (hmmm, well maybe not, but we can certainly help you change the way teachers teach and learners learn). Take a look at our case studies to see some examples of our work and problems we have solved over the years for some big (and not-so-big) educational companies.

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About us

Hello! We’re Haremi and we love education.

We create educational content       

We like to think that we excel when it comes to helping companies create educational content – we’ve been doing it for over 10 years now! In that time, Haremi has grown to become the largest company in the UK helping educational organisations produce content (we don’t know of anyone bigger). Whilst that is lovely, it’s not the most important thing to us… the most important is that we are the best at what we do – creating quality content on time and within budget.

We help blend innovation into learning

It's within the principle of blended learning where we think we really shine; we believe strongly that by using print and digital media in harmony, significant learning benefits can be gained. We've helped our customers create many guises of blended learning, allowing innovation to be harnessed whilst still taking a pragmatic approach to our customer's requirements. Whatever you need, whether it’s print, digital or a bit of both, we are here to help.

Passionate about education and teaching

What drives us as a company is what we help to create – we're passionate about education and strongly believe that we can make a difference in helping teachers teach and learners learn. We think it’s very important to understand how the content is being taught – so we make it our business to go into classrooms and watch how the content is being presented, so that we can see first-hand the impact of what we are helping to create. That's Haremi.

Let's make things happen

Haremi’s journey

Look at where Haremi started.

Check out our strategic direction

Come and meet the team

We spend a lot of time making sure that we have the right people, so we surround ourselves with the best people we can find – there are now more than 30 of us in our award-winning team. Most of our senior staff (that’s them below) have worked for educational publishing companies – that’s important to us because it ensures that we really understand what our customers are trying to achieve. We also make sure that everyone in our team loves what they do and shares our purpose – to improve achievement by helping companies provide quality resources for teachers and learners. The result is that we have a dynamic, loyal and energetic work force that will do everything possible to make our customers happy (otherwise, Poppy growls at them).

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What we do

We help companies produce a wide variety of content for teachers and learners.

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We offer the time, knowledge and skills that companies require to produce all types of print and digital educational content quickly and cost-effectively, for a wide range of subjects and levels. What we enjoy most is helping to turn ideas into inspiring and exciting books, resources, apps and websites. We provide a friendly, tailored service and always deliver exactly what we say we will. Our flexible and responsive team consists of project managers, publishers, commissioning editors, editors, instructional designers, content producers, testers (and more), who help our customers create some of the best content around (we were going to say on the planet, but that sounded a bit dramatic).

You'll benefit from our team's experience of creating thousands of products and the efficiencies that come from this. We call this ‘added value’ and we offer more of it than anyone else – it comes from understanding how publishing companies work, knowing what they want and what their customers want. Another of the benefits of working with Haremi is that we provide all the services you might need under one roof. No longer will you have to manage a big bunch of different freelancers! Take a look below at everything we can do, if and when you need us to.

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Haremi's Services - Concept, Commissioning & author management, Subject expertise, Instructional design, Project management, Copyediting & proofreading, Metadata, Commissioning media, Platform design & build, Typesetting, Interactive content build, eBook build, Testing, Publication, Customer support, Content maintenance, Platform maintenance

Who we work with

We want you to want to work with us.

We’re committed to building long-term, rewarding relationships by working with honesty and integrity and striving to consistently exceed expectations. We’ll do everything in our power to make sure that ours is the best working relationship you will ever have. And, most importantly, we’ll do it with a smile!

So far, every single customer that has ever worked with us has come back to work with us again – we are very proud of that… woohoo! :)

Balberry Publishing
Cambridge University Press
Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply
Fitch Learning
Hodder Education
Illuminate Publishing
International Baccalaureate
Macmillan Education
Oxford University Press
Rising Stars
The Open University

As far as we are aware, no other company works with so many educational organisations on such a regular basis.


Customer feedback

lovely things our customers are saying about us.

Haremi are extremely professional and results-driven whilst also being very approachable and supportive to members of the team. Their knowledge, experience and determination have made a huge difference to the successful delivery of our projects. Haremi have been a huge asset to our project teams.


We called Haremi in to help us make the right choices at a critical time of change and innovation for our business. They helped us specify processes and systems that will make huge efficiencies over the coming years. Their knowledge of the market and 'can do' attitude really helped us pinpoint what we wanted, ensuring that we delivered on time.

Cambridge University Press

I know I keep on banging on about how brilliant you guys all are, but the service we receive from Haremi really is second to none. Throughout my career I've worked with all sorts of different businesses and suppliers, but there have been none better than Haremi for the level of professionalism you demonstrate as well as just being great people to work with. Added to which, the on-going support you provide makes our business tick, and it wouldn't be the same or as healthy as it is today without you.

Illuminate Publishing

Haremi are exceptionally professional, talented, creative, organised, flexible, pragmatic, proactive and infinitely helpful – all of which make our relationship very easy and extremely productive. Our first title was produced without a hitch and their instructional design expertise had an incredible impact on the end product of which we are very proud. We have entrusted them with a large number of new titles for delivery in 2017 and we are confident that they will benefit from the same brand of Haremi excellence and flair.

Association of Business Executives

Case studies


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